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IT Consulting.

Do you need to set the best architecture of the latest technology or technical solution for the digital transformation of your business?, allow us to give you the best recommendations in terms of: infrastructure dimensioning, virtualization, cloud services, databases, programming languages ​​and tech tools. We help you to make real your digital transformation.

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Database Management.

We provide Oracle Database Administration Services: installation, configuration, patch application, diagnostics, resolution of performance issues, definition of backup and recovery strategy, high availability, SQL Tuning and Data Migration. Obtaining as a result the access to databases in a fast, stable and secure way.

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System Development.

With extensive experience in computer system design, we gather the requirements of your business and translate them into UML. We develop using .NET (C#) and Java. Also, we can migrate your legacy application (Cobol, FoxPro, Visual Basic) to a modern and robust web system.

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Business Intelligence.

If you have a large size relational database or other data sources; and you need to know from that information if you can increase your revenue, reduce costs, improve your processes and make better decisions. We help you to determine important information for generating knowledge about your business using BI tools.

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In an adequate and conditioned environment, optimal for learning with certified staff. We offer tech courses for enterprises and public in the following tools:

Fedora Workstation. Linux on your desktop.

It is a course aimed at the end user where you will learn how to effectively use a Linux distribution together with LibreOffice to perform all your office tasks and day-to-day work. Also, we teach the use of a large number of free tools for different activities such as: email, photography, design, music, even the games that you like in Windows can be run on Fedora Workstation. Our goal is that the user gets high productivity using Linux.

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Microsoft Power BI. Business intelligence like never before.

Within the Business Intelligence tools available in the market, Microsoft's Power BI stands out. This tool lets: access, explore and consolidate information from different data sources in just one view. With the collected information, it can create useful reports for visualizing trends, distribution of the data, get KPIs and many others visualizations for sharing with colleages in different devices.

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Why choose us? We have 26 years of experience in the implementation of computer systems: requirements, planning, analysis, design, development, integration, testing and production (SDLC - Software Development Life Cycle).

Also, we have international experience in countries such as: Ecuador, Panama, Guatemala, Barbados, Brazil, United States (telecommute), Israel (telecommute) and Scotland (telecommute).

Experience in Oracle Database Management.

We offer Information Technology services with a highly qualified, professional and service-oriented human team for our clients.

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Installation of Fedora 31

Nov 30, 2019

Since almost 3 weeks ago it is available to download Fedora 31. In this article we are going to install and enjoy this Linux distribution, in case you already are using another older version and you would like to update to the last version please ...

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Installation of Oracle Enterprise Linux 8

Dec 3, 2019

In this article we are going to install the Linux distribution of Oracle Corporation, it called Oracle Enterprise Linux. This Linux distribution comes from Red Hat, so if you already installed Fedora ...

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Installation of Oracle Database 19c on Oracle Enterprise Linux 7

Dec 13, 2019

Let's install Oracle Database 19c (19.3) on Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 (7.7). This is the latest available version of the database engine ...

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Installation of CentOS 8

Dec 24, 2019

We are going to install version 8 of CentOS. It can be downloaded from centos.org. This installation is performing using a virtual machine (VM). To execute this installation it is necessary to download Oracle VM VirtualBox. The virtual ...

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Installation of Fedora 36

Aug 06, 2022

In this article we are going to install Fedora 36 and enjoy this Linux distribution, in case you already are using another older version and you would like to update to the lastest version please check the following article ...

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Installation of Fedora 39

Jan 29, 2024

We have a new version of the Fedora Linux distribution available from the url https://fedoraproject.org/, Let's install Fedora WorkStation 39 and enjoy all the new features it has ...

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