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IT Consulting

Digitally transform your business

What is our "IT Consulting" service?

Surely, you have heard things like: if you do not modernize your business you are running the risk of disappearing; to have a good technical idea without adequate execution is to have nothing; you must systematize in order to reduce costs; you must use technology to grow your business; you must use the internet to attract new customers or you must automatize your proccesses to be competitive.

Well, all this is true. Today, technology helps many businesses to emerge and grow. But, you must choose correctly what to use according to the needs of your business at the lowest possible cost for reaching your goal. We can advice you how to transform your business through technology ... it is our commitment to reduce the technological gap especially for SMEs.

Activities which we can advise:

  • Digital transformation of your business.
  • Assessment of the technology you are using now.
  • Give tech support to your innovative business idea.
  • Capacity Planning of your infrastructure.
  • Recommendations on Infrastructure and Virtualization Strategy.
  • Deployment of your web system.
  • Selection of software tools for your next IT project.
  • Migration of your Operating System to Fedora Workstation.
  • Installation, configuration, training and support for Fedora Workstation.

Are you interested?

Please, contact to this email juanleonsolis@gmail.com.

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