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Business intelligence

BI like never before

What is our "Business Intelligence" service?

If the growth of your business data is increasing at an exponential rate and you want to analyze such data to improve your business strategy; get more clients, increase your customer retention, improve your income, reduce your inventory, be more profitable, make better decisions about your business. All this knowledge generated using your data.

If you need to consolidate information from different data sources, make impressive visualizations with that information either using Dashboards or KPI (Key Performace Indicator). Even transform that information to generate new knowledge from it. You need to identify trends or explore classifications of this information quickly and interactively. We are here to help you implementing a solution with Microsoft Power BI.

Our service is focused on the following topics:

  • Diagnostic of your data sources and their sizes.
  • Creation of data repository aislated from your OLTP or OLAP.
  • Modeling relevant data about your business.
  • Preparation of consolidated reports of important metrics.
  • Preparation of different types of Data Visualizations.
  • Help you to generate knowledge of your business.
  • Training on Business Intelligence using Microsoft Power BI.

What business data models do we work with?

In particular, if you have a transactional system in your business or you work with electronic sheets (excel), we help you to exploit the following data:


  • Student: Postulants, registration, graduates, desertion, re-entry, attendance, delays, profile, performance.
  • Curriculum: Course with greater dropout, learning difficulty, courses completed by period, approval rate, good performance rate, teacher workload, interested student by career.
  • Staff: Teachers, Administrative Staff, performance, compliance, classes taught, hours attended, distribution by course, distribution by career, number of teachers per period, teachers with postgraduate, educational experience, staff rotation.
  • Infrastructure: Resources, schedules, availability, utilities, use of technology, use of classrooms.
  • Financial: Tuition (delays, omissions/gap, compliance), Fees, Expenditures, Income, Scholarships, Social Security, Retirement.

Dashboard Academico


  • Production: Crop Cycle Control, efficiency, harvests.
  • Purchases: Supplies, materials, agrochemicals.
  • Tasks: Control, Seedtime, Irrigation, Application of Fertilizers, Herbicides, Crops.
  • Staff: Payments, Social Security, Performance.
  • Estimation: Profitability, Harvest, Use of Supplies.
  • Financial: Budget, Costs/Expenses, Sales/Revenue.


  • Sales: By City/Country, By Warehouse, By Department, By Categories, Sellers, Per Period, Comparatives.
  • Promotions: Efficiency, Acceptance rate.
  • Inventory: Inputs/Outputs, Returns.
  • Financial: Sales, Expenses, Income.


  • Imp/Exp Process: Purchase Order, Time Control, Volume, Amount by Invoice.
  • Cargo: By Origin, Classification of Goods, Duty, Packaging, Marking.
  • Taxes and Duties Calculation: By Tax, Insurance, Freight.
  • Financial: Operating expenses, Income.


  • Taxpayer: Large Taxpayers, Individual, Corporate, SMEs, By Economic Activity.
  • Collection Process: Payment processing, by taxes, fees and special contributions, by jurisdiction (national, state and local), by period, comparisons, inaccuracies, omissions.
  • Tax Administration Processes: Debt Collection Enforcement, Audit, Administrative Resources, Tax Consultations, Tax Returns, Compliance Risk Management.
  • Cargo Control: Manifests by Port, Containers by Port, Storage Time, Container Control.
  • Customs Clearance: By documentary review, By physical review, taxes re-calculation, lenght of time for customs clearance process.
  • Special Customs Regimes: Amount, Frequency, Type of Regime, Bank Guarantee, Distribution by Regime.
  • International Transit: By Country (Origin/Destination), Cargo Transit Time.
  • Human Resources: Contracts, Rotation, Performance, Delays.

Are you interested?

Please, contact to this email juanleonsolis@gmail.com.

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