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Course: Oracle for Developers

Greater productivity when developing.

What is this course about?

The content of this course has been strictly selected so that a Developer can face the challenge of using an Oracle Database. Know the basic administrative tasks of Oracle, the utilities so that your queries are highly efficient.

Objectives of the course

Generate the skills and abilities in the participant who is involved in Systems Development for the management of an Oracle database.

For whom is the course?

Designers, Developers and Systems Architects. It is intended for those who do not want to formalize their knowledge of Oracle at the level of a Database Administrator but to know and master what is necessary to manage the Oracle engine in their system development tasks.

Course Content

  • Installation of Oracle DB 19c on CentOS 7.
  • Oracle Database Architecture.
  • Connection from the client to Oracle Database Server.
  • Connection with Programming Languages: Java, C#, Python.
  • Network environment (Oracle Net Services and Listener).
  • Manage the Oracle instance (start, shutdown).
  • Parameter Settings.
  • Alert Log Display.
  • Data Dictionary (Metadata).
  • Storage Management.
  • Better use of indexes.
  • Use of SQL Hints.
  • SQL Explain Plan.
  • Good practices (use of views, parametric variables, Shared Pool).
  • User control and permissions..
  • Use of Sequences.
  • Use of Temporary Tables.
  • Recovery with Flashback.
  • SQL*Loader.
  • Data PUMP Import/Export.
  • Queries for documents XML and JSON.
  • Concurrence of Data and Locks.
  • Levels of High Availability (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum).

What will you learn in this training?

At the end of the course, the participant will have basic skills in Oracle Database Administration to improve Systems Development.


The participant in our course must be a System Developer.


Classroom Training, a total of 20 hours of classes.

Our facilities

Comfortable, clean and air-conditioned environment. It includes snacks.

Study material

A certification of attendance will be delivered.


The next course will be announced.

Are you interested?

If you liked the content of our course, contact us by email juanleonsolis@gmail.com.

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