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Course: Fedora WorkStation

Linux on your desktop. An operating system which you do not have to pay for licenses and have all the applications for your daily tasks at home or office.

What is this course about?

Today, Linux dominates the server environment, also there are quite friendly desktop distributions for the end user. Fedora is one of the most popular distributions that exists in Linux, its first version appeared in 2003. Having enough maturity, throughout these years, in the development of its source code which allows to enjoy a robust and stable operating system . Through this course we want to promote the use of this operating system with our clients.

Objectives of the course

This course has been designed for the user who has little or no experience with Linux. This course considers the initial steps that the user must know to work with Fedora WorkStation.

The course is aimed at the end user, where he will learn how to use this Linux distribution together with LibreOffice to carry out all his office tasks and those tasks of daily execution.

Also, we teach the use of a large number of free tools for different activities such as: email, photography, design, music, even the games that you like in Windows can be run on Fedora WorkStation.

For whom is the course?

To all the people and companies that are looking for a free alternative to their current desktop operating system.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Linux.
  • Installation of Fedora WorkStation.
  • Tuning your system.
  • LibreOffice - the office suite for Linux.
  • Internet and Multimedia.
  • Games and Entertainment.
  • Collaboration Tools.
  • Integration with Windows.
  • Administration Tools
  • Security on Linux.
  • Characteristics of the Linux OS.

What will you learn in this training?

It is intended that upon completion of the course, the student will know how to achieve high productivity in all their computer activities using Fedora WorkStation.


The participant to our course must know how to use a computer.


Classroom Training, a total of 24 hours of classes.

Our facilities

Comfortable, clean and air-conditioned environment. It includes snacks.

Study material

A guide text will be delivered with the content of each class and a certification of attendance.


The next course will be announced.

Are you interested?

If you liked the content of our course, contact us by email juanleonsolis@gmail.com.

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