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Installation of Fedora 31

Since almost 3 weeks ago it is available to download Fedora 31. In this article we are going to install and enjoy this Linux distribution, in case you already are using another older version and you would like to update to the last version please check the following article Update Fedora Workstation. Also, it is available the article Installation of Fedora 30, it is almost the same installation process.

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Download the installer

You can download the installer "LiveImage" from the Fedora website here, this "LiveImage" installer allows to boot the operating system from the optical device without changing anything in your hard disk.

For this installation, I am using a VM (virtual machine) with Oracle VirtualBox of: 2 vCPU, 4 GBytes of RAM, 40 GBytes of hard disk and "bridge adapter" for network interface.

Start the installation

Once we have created and configured our virtual machine, start the installation ... it shows the following image ... select the option "Start Fedora-Workstation-Live 31" and press enter key


It shows a screen with a list of the components/programs that are being started for the operation of Fedora "Live" mode.


Then, the "Welcome to Fedora" screen appears where you can use Fedora in "live" mode by clicking on "Try Fedora" so you can explore the features of Fedora Workstation without damaging your computer settings ... or you can proceed to install Fedora on the hard drive for this click on "Install to Hard Drive".


After a few seconds, the Fedora Workstation desktop appears, with the installation assistant asking to select the language.


Then, configure the keyboard, storage and date/time.


Click on the "Installation destination" icon, now the installation program examine the available hard drives or partitions, it shows a list of available disks, select the operating system storage and press the "Done" button.


After completing the configuration of the installation process, click on "Begin Installation".


It shows the actions that are being executed and the percentage of installation progress.


Once, it is completed, click on the Finish Installation button.


At the top-right corner of the screen, click on the "battery" icon and choose "Restart".


Initial setup

After restarting the computer, it is necessary to perform the initial configuration for adjusting the operating system.


Welcome screen, click on the Next button.


Privacy, for indicating its location and reporting operating system errors. Click on the Next button.


Configure accounts for online services. Click on the Skip button.


Type your full name and an username for the operating system. Click on the Next button.


Set a password, and re-type the password to confirm. Click on the Next button.


To complete the configuration, click on the Start Using Fedora button.


And Ready!!!

So, it is installed Fedora Workstation 31.