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Installation of CentOS 7

One of the popular Linux distributions is CentOS, and we are going to install version 7 of this operating system. It can be downloaded from

This installation is performing using a virtual machine (VM). To execute this installation it is necessary to download Oracle VM VirtualBox. We are going to use a virtual machine with: 4 vCPU, 8 MBytes of memory and 20 GBytes for hard drive.

Once you run your virtual machine, configuring your boot order to the iso file of the installer:

Select the Boot

Choose "Install CentOS 7", if you do not select an option .... the installer will select the first one when countdown finishes.


Check devices

The system verifies the devices that your VM has.


Language for installation

A screen is displayed for choosing the language. Select English (United States). Click on the Continue button.


Installation summary

This screen shows a summary of the installation process, here you can modify some parameters.


Software selection

Click on "Software selection" and it shows the next window. Select as Base Environment Gnome Desktop and for "Add-ons for the Selected Environment" choose: Gnome Applications, Internet Applications and System Administration Tools. Click on the Done button.


Destination of the installation

In this screen, select the destination of the installation, choose the disk or partition where you want to install the software. Click on the Done button.


Network and Host Name

On this screen the network is enabled and the name of the device is placed. Click on the Done button.


Installation Summary (finish)

Once we configure all the parameters and there is no alert message. Click on the Begin Installation button.


User settings

On this screen, set the root password and create an user for our server.


Root Password

Here we type the root password. Click on the Done button.


Create user

Create an user for our server, usually this user will be the Administrator of the System. Click on the Done button.


Installation process

While we are typing the root password and creating the user, at the botton section of the screen it shows that the installation is in progress.


Completion of the installation

After all the packages are installed, the system requests to restart the server. Click on the Reboot button.


Initial setup

After restarting the server a screen appears to perform the initial configuration where we must accept the license and we can configure the network interface.


License information

On this screen we check where it says: "I accept the license agreement" and click on the Done button.


Finishing the initial setup

The configuration of the network interface and the name of the server were already done before in the installation process. Click on Finish Configuration button.


Login session

After finishing the initial configuration, the login screen is showed with the user that we have created previously, type the user's password and continue.


Language for our work environment

We select the language with which we will work in CentOS. Click on the Next button.


Keyboard distribution

We select the distribution of keyboard. Click on the Next button.



This functionality allows applications to use our geographic location for certain services. If you like, turn on this option. Click on the Next button.


Online accounts

We can configure our online accounts in case we need it, otherwise click on the Skip button.


And ready!!!

We finish with the adjustments and proceed to use our operating system, click on the Start using CentOS Linux button.


Desktop View

Then the desktop appears and we can start working on our server with CentOS 7.